About BAOJUFENG

                                As a third-tier holding subsidiary of ZAEZ Xing Gang Investment Group Co., Ltd. under the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (“ZAEZ”), Zhengzhou Baojufeng Industry Co., Ltd. (“Baojufeng” or “the Company...
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                                BUSINESS AREA


                                • Regional Advantages

                                  Aviation economy-driven modern industrial

                                  base, international aviation logistics

                                  center, core growth pole in the Central

                                  Plains Economic Region, and an

                                  important gateway for opening-up

                                  of the inland areas in ZAEZ.

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                                • Policy Support

                                  Baojufeng is a holding subsidiary of Xing

                                  Gang Investment (a wholly state-owned

                                  company under the Management

                                  Committee of ZAEZ), and an important

                                  link for the Management Committee to

                                  build the ecological industrial chain for

                                  smart terminals.

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                                • Powerful Capacity in Integra...

                                  Cooperate with the industry’s leading

                                  enterprises, expand business scope in

                                  all dimensions, remove business

                                  barriers and offer customers with

                                  interconnected, efficient and fast

                                  all-round supply chain platform services.

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                                • Professional Logistics Suppo...

                                  Optimize the logistics transportation plan,

                                  build a multi-modal transportation platform

                                  system, seek the optimal mode, and

                                  provide customers with one-stop logistics

                                  distribution services; cooperate with the

                                  government to discuss the establishment of

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                                NEWS CENTER

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